Welcome Church


Minister: Rev Ruth Leeming (Day off - Friday)

Tel. 01751 474291

Email. minister@welcome-church.co.uk

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Welcome Church, Pickering

Affiliated to The Congregational Federation, reg. UK charity 264839

"... touching heaven and earth ..."

The Executive


What we believe

At Welcome Church we believe in one God, the Creator and ruler of the universe who is Father, Son & Holy Spirit.  We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God.  Jesus is the Son of God who came to earth and lived a pure and sinless life.  He paid the penalty for the sins of all humankind through His death and resurrection.  This demonstrates His power and authority over sin and death.  He ascended to heaven and will return, at the end of time, when there will be a new heaven and a new earth.  The Holy Spirit makes people aware of their need for salvation through Jesus.  He comes to live in every Christian as helper and guide, and transforms every believer with His power for right living, understanding of spiritual truth, and guidance.  We believe in and strongly encourage all member ministry.  We are a congregationally ordered church where everyone is equal and every voice is heard and valued.

Our vision and purpose

Our purpose is to meet together with God in worship, and to enable and encourage everyone to grow in faith and in relationship with Jesus as the centre of life.  We aim to build strong relationships with one another and with our local community as we serve the people of Ryedale and beyond.  To achieve this, we also meet in small groups during the week, as this provides the best environment for us to connect and share life together.  In the small group we learn together, support and encourage one another, enjoy life and have fun together.  As we serve God we aim to use our gifts and talents to connect with people in our local community showing care, love and respect for all people.  


When we meet on Sundays we all have a role to play - whether it’s welcoming people with a smile, serving refreshments, playing an instrument, looking after children or teaching.  We aim to impact our community as we take the life-changing message of Jesus to those around us through our words, actions and lifestyle.  

We intend to show and demonstrate the love of God through practical action, faithful service and loving hearts.  

We are a Church that challenges complacency, encourages involvement, welcomes everyone and offers hope.  In all of this we enjoy and value having fun together. Our invitation to everybody is – ‘come just as you are’ - and together we shall discover how Jesus helps us overcome the valleys, hills and mountains of life.

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